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Translation and linguistic services agency Portugal

3,500 experienced translators and 80 subsidiaries across Europe

With over 40 years of experience in translation, and more than 80 branches and subsidiaries across Europe, Optilingua International is positioned as one of the international leaders in translation and linguistic services. In addition to its many agencies, the group works with more than 3,500 translators and professionals worldwide. 


An export-orientated corporate culture

Whatever your sector and your requirements in terms of translation or linguistic services, we make every effort to meet your needs and to provide you with quality services.

We find a professional (translator, editor, interpreter, graphic designer, proofreader, etc.) who is able to support you with your project, regardless of the source and the target languages. We work with over a hundred different languages, some common and some quite rare, including Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, Korean, Arabic, German, Turkish, Persian, Spanish, Icelandic, Polish, etc.


Alphatrad professionalism

The professionalism of Alphatrad Portugal is built on the strengths developed over many years of experience such as:

  • An international culture and a presence in many countries
  • The level of expertise of its translators and professionals
  • The responsiveness of the Group, thanks to the extent of its network and various internal organisational tools
  • The search for the best expert available using the Alphasearch software package
  • Quick identification of the need to provide a solution within a very short period of time
  • An internal process equipped with quality certification: tracking, translation, validation and  traceability
  • Extended services: all types of translation in more than 100 languages for any industry as well as various language services for all your written, audio, and video formats


Our strengths

Meeting your translation and language service needs is the objective of all of Optilingua International's teams, which are present throughout the world.

Located in the cities where export activities are most intense, Optilingua's translation and language services agencies provide you with consultants who can direct your request to the professional best suited to satisfy it.


This professionalism is based on a large number of strengths developed over 40 years of experience:

  • professional translators: selected for their rigour and skills and ability to meet Optilingua's requirements.
  • experience: knowing how to get the best out of people through an in-house and international organisation, with effective communication between agencies.
  • technical co-operation: each professional is trained in Alphatrad's working methods and the use of a high-performance intranet.
  • adaptability: we take into account the specifications and the deadline, facilitate the placing of orders to create a relationship of trust with the client.
  • expertise: Optilingua, thanks to the co-operation between its agencies, guarantees its clients that they will find a native translator within a very short timescale, even when it involves a “rare” language.

Whatever your request for translation or language services, the Optilingua group's agencies provide you with professional translators, translating into their mother tongue, and based in the country where the spoken language is also the language targeted by the translation. This ensures that you benefit from a high-quality service and a faithful, accurate and up-to-date translation. In addition to document translation, we also offer a wide range of language services (transcription, voice-overs, subtitling, DTP, etc.), to enable you to adapt all your communication media to an international market.


Our quality approach

At Alphatrad, we have implemented a quality approach for all of our in-house processes. Our translation and language service agencies provide you with skilled professional translators, allowing you to address an international audience. As experts in the type of translation or language service requested, they put all their know-how at your disposal to ensure the quality, precision, and faithfulness of their work.


Quality at the service of a demanding clientele

Our quality approach in the field of translations and language services is based in particular on:

  1. the quality of the services: you are entitled to a trained professional to undertake the work requested. This quality approach is made possible thanks to the Alphasearch software package, which has been developed in-house, as well as the highly skilled professionals, who are experts in their field. All of our translators translate into their mother tongue, and are specialised in the requested sector (medical, scientific, commercial, legal, etc.), or the type of service (multilingual DTP, professional voice-over, interpretation, etc.).
  2. meeting the set deadline: you can request a quote using our on-line form. Depending on the requirements of the order, which we will establish together, Alphatrad is able to offer you a free quote within 24 hours. The service is then provided in accordance with the requested deadlines.
  3. the follow-up of each client: project after project, we strive to improve our knowledge of the specificities of your business, your request and your needs, to be able to meet your requirements as closely as possible.



Alphatrad Portugal has some of the most important multinationals as clients, as well as SMEs, independent workers, organisations, and institutions.

We also work for Portuguese and foreign private individuals, offering everyone a high-quality professional service at competitive prices.

Alphatrad Portugal maintains a wide range of loyal customers because of our modular structure, a worldwide network of professional and sworn translators, our use of state-of-the-art technology to select the right translators, and in communication between agencies and translators and between administration and production.

We provide services in all sectors of economic, legal, commercial, industrial, and administrative activity.


Alphatrad Portugal is part of the multinational organisation Optilingua. The distribution of its agencies in multiple countries in Europe and America, the interconnection of these agencies using the latest information technologies and the use of productivity programs such as Trados, allow excellent  management of multinational companies’ needs in terms of workload, delivery times and quality of work, and therefore guarantees customer loyalty.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, exporter or importer, producer or a service company, your needs will be fully satisfied with Alphatrad.


Smaller companies and independent professionals can take advantage of more than 40 years of experience in quality work for clients in a wide range of industries.

Our translator selection program, Alphasearch, allows you to select the most suitable translator for a particular job.


Alphatrad has extensive experience of working within the area of public administration, and for many different institutions and organisations. We have produced a lot of work for embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce, city halls, museums, libraries, and NGOs, etc.


In a globalised world, more and more people are considering emigrating, working, or studying abroad. Similarly, Portugal welcomes a large number of immigrants, students, and foreign residents.

For this reason, Alphatrad's translation services, especially sworn translation, are highly sought after by individuals (students, immigrants, and workers).

Certificates (birth, marriage and/or divorce, death), degrees and diplomas, professional résumés, employment contracts, purchase and sale contracts, etc., are some examples of the documents that Alphatrad's private clients request.

A large number of multinationals, SMEs and organisations rely on Alphatrad Portugal and Optilingua for their professional translations and other language services.

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