General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1: Object
Each and every service ordered from ALPHATRAD (by e-mail or post) is subject, unless otherwise agreed in writing, to these General Terms
and Conditions of Sale, without the need for these to be expressly stated between the parties or for formal acceptance in this respect on the part of the
To this end, these Terms and Conditions will be communicated to the client and their existence will be indicated in documents and communications
relating to the service.

Article 2: Delivery of the text to be translated
Each translation assignment must be accompanied by a firm order from the client, failing which ALPHATRAD reserves the right not to start the
The client undertakes to deliver texts to be translated on paper, typewritten or printed, unless presented in any other way.
Technical texts must be accompanied, where necessary, by reference documents provided by the client and/or figures or drawings so that they can be
understood better. Technical terms will be rendered uniform in accordance with definitions given in technical dictionaries consulted.
In case of any difficulties with understanding the text, either in the form or in the context, the client undertakes to provide any information to enable
ALPHATRAD to carry out the translation.
Any request to modify a text to be translated must be submitted in writing, in a precise manner, which the client must send by e-mail, post or
other means.
Translations are intended for the exclusive use of the client and the latter is responsible for any reproduction for commercial, advertising or other

2.1 - As regards interpreting work
The interpreting works include the translation "in loco" in conferences, seminars, congresses or meetings.
The service award must be made in writing, failing which Alphatrad reserves the right not to commence the work.
The award of the work shall be made giving 10 working days notice with relation to the work start date, failing which it shall not be possible to
ensure the number of interpreters required for the implementation thereof.
The client undertakes to indicate the theme of the Conference or Meeting and to submit texts in hard copy ( a Word, PDF or other document), so as
to afford the interpreters the contexts for the work to be carried out.
The client also undertakes to indicate the place where the service is going to be provided, the contact person and the timetable for the commencement
and end of the event.
The cancellation or postponement of the work, after its award, shall be communicated in writing to Alphatrad, giving at least 4 working days notice
prior to its starting date. In the event of the breach of the aforementioned term, Alphatrad reserves the right to demand payment of 50% of the service

2.2 - As regards transcription works
Transcription works include the full reproduction of cassettes, CD, DVD or any other support.
Alphatrad shall send the client an estimate for the price and term of delivery of the service.
The client undertakes to send the audio support which is the target of the transcription, in such a way as to enable Alphatrad to verify the state of
recording. After hearing the support supplied, Alphatrad shall send the client a confirmation of the implementation term of the work in question.
The work must be awarded in writing failing which Alphatrad reserves the right not to commence the work.
Should the recording be of poor quality. Alphatrad shall notify the client of said fact and should the client still wish the work to be carried out,
Alphatrad shall not be liable for the result submitted in the transcription.

Article 3: Delivery deadline
Delivery deadlines stated in estimates and order confirmations are given for information purposes only.
Should difficulties arise understanding a text, the deadline shall be extended by a period of time equivalent to that required to inquire about it.
ALPHATRAD may not be held liable for any delays in sending work via e-mail or other postal or terrestrial means, or in any case of force

Article 4: Prices and payments
Prices are indicated exclusive of VAT, though they are liable to VAT. Translations are counted per word.
Unless otherwise agreed, invoices will reflect a net amount, without discounts, and they must be paid as from the date of receipt by the client. Any
delay in payment of invoices shall automatically incur late payment interest calculated at a rate of one and a half times the legal interest rate in force.
ALPHATRAD reserves the right to interrupt any work in progress in the event of late payment. In case of cancellation of an order for a translation,
the work carried out up to that date shall be invoiced at 100% and the work yet to be carried out shall be invoiced at 50%. If the cancelled order is for
an interpreting assignment, this shall be invoiced in its entirety.

Article 5: Complaints
Any complaint regarding the quality or delivery of the ordered work shall only be considered when submitted by letter sent by recorded delivery no
later than 5 working days following delivery of the work to which it refers. This must be accompanied by the original documents and the translations
at issue, indicating the parts which are poorly translated. After this deadline has expired, any complaint submitted will be rejected.
Under no circumstance may a number of errors in one part of a translation call into question the entire work.
ALPHATRAD reserves the right to make the necessary conforming corrections.
ALPHATRAD's liability, even in cases of loss or destruction of documents sent to the client, is limited to the invoice amount corresponding to the
service provided.
ALPHATRAD is regarded as being the legitimate owner of the translated texts until payment is made in full for the work. Under no circumstance
may ALPHATRAD be held liable, morally or financially, or accept complaints regarding stylistic nuances, particularly in the field of advertising.

Article 6: Confidentiality
ALPHATRAD undertakes to respect the confidentiality of documents handed over and not to disclose any i nformation to third parties, either
during or after the provision of any translation service. Within the context of this article, ALPHATRAD may not be held liable in case of transfer of
data via the INTERNET.

Article 7: Disputes
In case of dispute over interpretation or implementation of any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, the chosen court shall be
that of the District of Lisbon, with the parties expressly waiving the right to any other.